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Interview with Manish Jain, Managing Director - Konstant Infosolutions

Manish Jain Interview on TopDevelopers.co

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Managing Director, Konstant Infosolutions

How did you begin your journey with Konstant Infosolutions?
Keeping winning strategies in mind and combining them with compelling stories and constructive engagement with shareholders, I started an ambitious journey in technology domain in 2003, along with co-owner and CEO of Konstant Infosolutions, Mr. Vipin Jain. Both of us believe in applying simplified ways to manage our teams and projects. We foster healthy peer-to-peer and employer-employee relationships, such that everyone adjusts their individual goals with the goal of our organization and are happy in the process. Reminiscing the words of James Sinegal, former CEO of a renowned American retail chain, – Costco Wholesale Corporation, “When employees are happy, they are your best ambassadors”. Our efforts have reaped rich dividends and we have been able to establish ourselves as a premier mobile app development company globally. Many renowned research firms have recognized our efforts and acknowledged us in various categories. Headquartered in Jaipur, India, we operate from the USA office as well. 
We have extended our efforts in all directions and imbibed the latest technologies in our extensive portfolio. Our solutions range in following categories: On-demand app solution (Healthcare, Haircuts, Taxi, Food ordering, Pet, Tutors etc.), Chat messenger / Beacon Solutions, Machine Learning / AR / VR, Education and e-learning Solutions, Classified/Directory App Solution, Mobile/Web App Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Emerging Technologies / Cloud Solutions, Cloud Services/Internet of Things, Home automation etc.

Focusing on simplicity during our early years, we have tactfully altered our approaches according to the need of the hour, suiting to our client requirements. We have been fulfilling promises and exceeding expectations.

In short, how will you describe your responsibilities at Konstant Infosolutions
I really appreciate being considered for this role and consider working with others to be one of my strengths. All throughout these years I have been involved in the following tasks:

•    Formulating and implementing company policies
•    Directing strategies towards profitable growth
•    Project Management
•    Developing strategic operations plans that are directed towards longer-term objectives and priorities established by the board
•    Assuming full accountability to the boards for all company operations
•    Representing the company to major customers and professional associations
•    Involved in Business Strategy Process and Planning Cycle - Initiation and Planning, Execution, Monitoring, and Control, Closeout

What do you think is the key role that you have to play as a Managing Director?
Our process has to balance key project constraints in a way such that scope, quality, schedule, budget, resources, risk are adjusted based on stakeholder values, performance metrics, established procedures and project goals. As a Managing Director, one of the primary roles is operational planning and financial control systems. I have been involved in establishing and maintaining effective formal and informal links with major customers, relevant government departments, local authorities, and key decision makers, and some stakeholders to exchange views and information and to ensure that the company is providing the appropriate range and quality of services.

Tell us about your most valuable achievement in the industry
We started in 2003 and have been growing ever since. My individual success has continuously impacted the success of our business as a whole. We have accepted our mistakes and have learned from them. We have strengthened ourselves in the process by mitigating the risk that has crossed our ways frequently. We have achieved results by taking actions. Cultivated steps to mitigate foreseen challenges and risks. We have analyzed the situation, created small tasks (which were often broken into subtasks) to achieve countable profits.

As an app development company, where do you think that Konstant Infosolutions needs close attention during app development phases?
Meeting the deadlines and delivering projects on time and budget is an essential ingredient of an emerging mobile app development company. This will help in winning the client's trust and ensure further operations within the company.
We have weaved our development process in a way such that we are able to figure out our target audience, their requirements and whether the application is going to solve their specific purpose? The steps that we follow during the mobile app development process are as follows:
1.Planning and Research for Mobile App
2.Assessment of Technical feasibility
3.Building a Prototype
4.Designing of Mobile App
5.Design to Development Handoff
6.Testing the Mobile Application
7.Deploying the mobile application
As soon as the first version of the app is launched, the development lifecycle iterates once again for the next version. In addition to this, efficient communication with the client ensures that every process is in place.

Which project development methodology do you think is effective?
With a shift in the technological scenario, an urgent need to merge trends and to exceed user demands has arisen. We follow an agile development approach to quickly adapt to changing needs of the clients, accommodate any risks and correct mistakes in the project lifecycle. It requires our developers to be coactive, fluid and creative in the process. Although this implementation is highly distinguished and we follow other approaches as well according to the given budget, time and project requirements, but the common rationale of being flexible is always adhered.

What will you advice for your peers for effective management as a director of a technology firm?
Adhering to the process is the most important thing that I would like to convey to my peers. This will ensure high productivity and timely deliveries.

How do you balance your relationship with the technical and non-technical teams while leading them?
I have focused on developing and maintaining research and development programs to ensure that the company remains at the forefront in the industry. We have applied most-cost-effective methods and approaches and have always provided leading-edge services that have helped us retain a competitive edge.

Which do you think is the futuristic technology and why?
We will focus more on machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

What are your plans for Konstant Infosolutions in the year that has set in?
As Managing Director of Konstant Infosolutions I have thought about:
1.Skill Upgrading, imbibing latest technologies
2.Exceeding client expectations
3.Setting new offices in various countries

Which are your favorite mobile apps? Tell us at least 5 of those
5 of my favorite applications:
1.Wunderlist – For task management
2.Timepage – Calendar to plan time and projects
3.1password – A digital vault to manage all passwords in one place
4.TikTok – For watching and uploading casual videos
5.BookmyShow – For booking events and shows

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